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Extract from the Prizker prize acceptance speech given by Luis Barragan

‘It is alarming that publications devoted to architecture have banished from their pages the words Beauty, Inspiration, Magic, Spellbound, Enchantment, as well as concepts of Serenity, Silence, Intimacy and Amazement. All these have nestled in my soul, and though I am fully aware that I have not done them complete justice in my work, they have never ceased to be my guiding lights’

And a little bit about our dream....

Our dream is to one day use our skills to help those who are in desperate need, to build a school or a hospital in Africa, Pakistan or wherever it maybe.  Then, we will have achieved our ultimate goal.  If you can in anyway help us to realise this dream or think we may be able to help you realise your dream if you share the same one, then please do contact us.

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