Projects_CommercialPost Office  Swansea

We like post offices, they are the hub of the community and allow all kinds of people to do all sorts of things. At a post office you can: buy a pint of milk, post a letter, open a savings account, draw your pension, recycle bottles, draw cash, buy a bottle of wine and most importantly, have a conversation.

Post Offices are a disappearing phenomenon at the end of our streets. When we had the opportunity to refurbish one of these valuable local resources, we were pleased. The key problem for the post master was to separate his ever expanding stock and stop it from invading his family's living quarters above the shop. The proposals include a new storage building in the rear garden, reorganisation of the shop to increase retail space, a new post office counter and kitchen, new neat shop front with forecourt landscaping and user friendly ramp. The flat above will have a much needed separate entrance and improved layout. We hope that the post office will then continue to flourish and help in halting the erosion of our local communities.

architecture + landscape design

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