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Upon being asked to design an extension to a newly acquired bungalow we requested that our clients, a bright, happy and creative family of four provide us with a series of insights into their lifestyle.

Analysis of these kindly provided insights revealed that an extension was not required and that replacing and raising the roof construction would provide the extra space needed by the family. This meant that money could be spent on a better quality of build rather than expensive groundwork incorporating architectural features such as a top lit double height entrance hall with study, open plan kitchen/ living/ dining area with outdoor connection, a bedroom with a balcony and a retreat with a roof garden.

We believe that the initial analysis of the family, its’ requirements and objectives is the  most important part of the whole process, without knowing this we would be working blind and imposing a solution that may not be appropriate. The whole process was very rewarding for everyone and one that we hope to progress as the project continues.

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