Projects_Residential /  ‘Grey Cliffs’  Caswell Road  Swansea

An odd addition to the portfolio.  We were approached by our client to  initially provide help and support with interior design.  Following our initial consultation it became apparent that this house was somewhat of a missed opportunity.  The client had instructed a less able designer shall we say, to design their dream home.  As the building was being built the client was starting to understand that this could have been the most costly mistake they could have ever made.

Luckily we were willing to take on a challenge and try and help our client by redesigning the building whilst on site and reapplying for planning permission.  This isn’t the advised way to design and build a building but we were willing to risk all to try and save what we believe will be a lovely home for the clients family and also safeguarding their investment by building a well designed and economical home.

As the project name suggests this house is located to make the best of the spectacular views of Caswell Bay in Swansea.  Large amounts of glass and reinforced connections with outdoor terraces will hopefully make this home a light, airy and magical home to live in.  The main circulation space has been redesigned to create a light shaft that cuts directly though the house making a space which can be related back to in all parts of the building, both horizontally and vertically.

architecture + landscape design

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