Projects_Residential /  Westbourne Place  Mumbles  Swansea

The terraced garden of years ago had an honest, hard working, practical character and performed many functions. Typically you would see woodsheds, coal bunkers, lines of clothes with billowing sheets, copious quantities of veg-kidney beans, fruit bushes, rhubarb, chickens and the Ty Bach, a humble brick hut with a crinkly tin roof housing the toilet. The garden was a truly vibrant place, life was teeming every where.

Here, we hope to create a modern, practical terraced garden that will be easy to maintain. It will include a woodshed with stacks of beautiful logs, outdoor kitchen, raised vegetable beds, a long high clothes line, crushed slate, slabs of slate, woven willow, painted brick and crinkly tin. Clever storage will be tucked in here, there and everywhere. There will be places to sit when it rains, places to sit when the sun shines and places to sit in peace and quiet, among the stone ruins and tumbling roses. 

architecture + landscape design

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