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When the time came for Samuel + Harris to find a home we wanted it to be practical and spacious, a creative place where we could do many things beyond limitation that would not cost the earth. This place turned out to be an industrial unit within the coastal park near Llanelli. It is easily reached by car,bus and train but most importantly by our second favourite choice of transport, the bike. (We couldn't afford a studio in Amsterdam, our first choice of transport would be a boat).

The unit was a great blank canvas with many roof lights and a mechanical door that, importantly to us, opens wide to let fresh air and sunlight in. We can sit and sketch on a rocking chair inside the the door and watch the rain. There certainly is lots of it here in our part of the world. Although it is an industrial unit we feel close to nature and the sea. We have discovered it is a great place to work.

We made a few small interventions here, a vast wall that hides our kitchen and "back of house", photocopier etc. We also made a first floor floor space that is pretty multifunctional, creativity knows no bounds! We're going to project images onto our wall, vast landscapes, inspiration. We also have a nice big meeting table, an inspiration wall for sketches, photos and just about anything, a big, big shelf of books on any subject from architecture to building a mechanical mouse. There is also a place to sit and relax, do some thinking, clear your head for new thoughts and ideas.

Big lorries can reach us here easily so one day, when we build our modern day hermit's hut we can send it off into the wilds with no problem at all.

architecture + landscape design

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